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Fides stands for Foundation for Integrated Development and Sustainability. Our mission is to improve the lives of people in third world countries by supporting self help measures through donations and volunteers.

We support local organizations with their work, instead of creating our own projects. On a volunteering basis, we provide recommendations with our know-how, search for interns for project works and collect donations. We inform people in Germany about sustainable development projects, in order to direct their attention to the needs of our partners. In this way, we support the establishment of civil communities in poor countries and provide help for self-help.

For each and every project, we examine first if it contributes to the community in a sustainable way. By doing this, we support programs which increase environmental awareness, such as waste separation or educational projects in schools, because education is the only way for many people to escape poverty.

We regularly carry out fundraising campaigns to collect necessary funds for renovations in school buildings of our partner organization in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Thanks to many supporters, modifications have already begun: Among other things, Fudeconec (our partner organization in Ecuador) has installed solid roofs und constructed brick walls to protect the classrooms from noise, dust, heat and rain.

Since November 2010, Fides supports the organization Luz y Vida in Los Bancos, Ecuador. A group of volunteers helps seniors who live in poverty and isolation - without any support from the state or their families. Common rooms have been renovated and expanded, where elderly and lonely people can get together and even stay at night. Fides wants to help this Ecuadorian organization to improve the infrastructures.



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