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Responsible for the content, conception and implementation of the online portal:

Foundation for Integrated Development and Sustainability (Fides) e.V.
c/o Judith Gampe

Hilblestr. 4
80636 Munich


Association Register No. 202760 Munich District Court | Tax ID 143/125 Munich Tax Office | Chairperson: Judith Gampe

Information Accuracy

We at FIDES endeavour to always provide as far as possible only correct and current information. Still, we realise that errors can occur. The content has been carefully cpmpiled, however, neither the author nor the publisher assumes responsibility or liability for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information. The use of the website and of the information contained therein is at your own risk. Changes can be made at any time.

Web Content Management System (CMS)

This website is based on the 2006-2016 Inc, which is a leading cloud principle-based platform.



Hilblestr. 4, 80636 München

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