Before the community received the new wells, many people became sick because the water quality got worse in recent years. Especially children suffer from diarrhea due to that reason. The new wells possess water filters and since then, the residents report a much lower ratio of sick people. In addition, the community is holding hygiene workshops, where the participants are taught how important cleaning hands before having meals is. 

To construct the wells, the people I Tapeam need financial support. The locals already elected a committee to support the construction of new wells and to maintain them in future. A well for ten families costs approximately 470 Euro, of which 400 Euro Fides is providing. Fides’ goal is to build more wells to support more families to get access to clean drinking water. For all donations, the community is showing their acknowledgements by placing a name board on the wells.

After a visit of our members Helen Hüttl and Judith Gampe in the respective community, Fides is also supporting the equipment of a library of an elementary school. In 2014 Fides supported the renovation of the building and the provision with traditional, but also modern children books. The school would like to invest in a TV with DVD player to display educational movies and is happy about every donation to achieve this plan.



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