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Where can I find out how my donation was used?
We are happy to provide you with detailed information about which project received your donation. Usually it will be to the Fudeconec school in Ecuador, that we are renovating step by step, to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. In contrast to the "big" NGOs, we guarantee that 100% of your donation goes to the projects. No part will be retained for Adminstration, Marketing or other functions. 

As a donor, could I also visit Ecuador or do a week-long internship? 
In general, this is possible. However, since Fudeconec does not have a large number of staff to oversee visitors, we cannot guarantee their availablility at all times. Also, the visitor must as a rule be accompanied at all times and must pay as a trainee for these costs. 

Could I work with Fides without donating money?

We always welcome new and enthusiastic people willing to donate their time and we offer many options ranging from acquring donations / members, project coordination, communication with project partners, to organizing or attending events. 

Do you also accept material donations?
In general, the long-distance transport of goods does not make sense economically and ecologically. In addition, our aim is to strengthen the local economy and have necessary materials bought on-site.  

Why doesn't Fides have a donation seal?
We are a small non-profit organization. We do not employ full-time staff and we do not juggle millions in donations. Therefore, we do not really need a donation seal. Further, acquiring the certification is a very expensive exercise, and we would prefer to use this money in helping our projects directly.




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