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Our partner organization, Fudeconec, owns a school in Guayaquil in which they manage several educational projects. In the morning, approximately 130 kids between the age of four and thirteen attend kindergarten and elementary school. As morning becomes afternoon, the school transforms into a study hall for approximately thirty older students who strive to obtain their high school diploma. Then, on the weekends, adults hit the books in an effort to gain their high school diploma or just extend their education. Lastly, students come to the school to learn a new trade in an effort to gain employment. 


For the participants, education is the key that unlocks them from the cage of povery.  Fudeconec covers the school fees for those students who are unable to pay. Often, the school provides a sanctuary away from a day on the streets and an environment of alcohol, drugs and crime. The organization needs your financial support in order to continue these supportive functions.

The school does not have the funds for desperately needed improvements. It lacks educational materials and even chairs and desks. Electric lights do not exist. The schoolyard is not paved - the rainy season brings mud and the summer brings dust. Thanks to the great willingness of those who donated, the walls between the classrooms were replaced with stone and a rain-proof roof was installed, reducing noise and creating a better teaching atmosphere. In addition, there there now eight student toilets with functioning flushing capabilities. However, there is still a shortage of books, blackboards and student desks. There are currently plans underway to offer health checks for the kids.



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